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internet Microscope Technology
internet Microscope Technology



animal and human hematology


sperm tests



Morhology morphometry object seach and segmentation SQL database

metaphase search & karyotyping


parasite detection

parasite detection with cy-5 station
Automated Microscopy Systems
Microscope Cameras
Refurbished microscopes
Microscope Parts
1 8 9 50 100 200 specimen modular systems
modern USB 3.0 high speed cameras
pre-owned  refurbished microscopes

Motorized and programmed for scanning and image detection, automated microscopy makes research easier and more accurate.

iMicroTec works with the finest quality, color, CCD and CMOS cameras to capture high-resolution images that are ready for analysis.

Conventional high quality microscopes is a substantial part of our business. Warranty and support up to 12 months are available by request.

iMicroTec works with microscope distributors to source the finest parts. Contact us for more information and quotes on parts.


Microscopes and motorization parts suppliers

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