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Automated Microscopy in Brooklyn, NY


No more tired eyes from hours of manual scanning! iMicroTec's software solutions for genetics include whole slide metaphase detection, karyotyping, and F.I.S.H.

virtual microscope scanning application


Whole slide scanning is made easy with iMicroTec. With a scanning speed of 35 seconds/ slide, we are on the cutting edge of research efficiency. With automated microscopy in Brooklyn, NY, capable of loading 10 -300 slides at a time, your system can be productive overnight. 

Automated Microscopy in Brooklyn, NY


Blood smears are easily imaged with iMicroTec. Our color cameras are great for imaging multiple stains and our systems have fluorescent capabilities as well. 

electrophysiology material science applications

Material science

Micro-hardness, material structure, surface analysis, polarized light, DIC, semi-transparent materials analysis. Confocal and light sheet microscopy R&D applications

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