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Conventional Microscopes

Our main automated products are Blood Differential HEMATOLOGY (RBC +WBC), HISTOPATHOLOGY and CYTOLOGY systems, GENETICS field - METAPHASE DETECTION, KARYOTYPING, and FISH systems. Systems with modular architecture support 1-4-8-9-50-100-200 specimen motorized stages and slide loaders and budget friendly for small and medium size organizations. 
Multi-specimen Stages

From 1 to 9 specimen motorized stages and automated slide loaders 50-100-200-400 slides capacity we can customize your system to fit your budget.

Installation and Training 

Upon your system's arrival, we come to you to train you in using all aspects of the microscope and software. Educated users are more productive and happier users.

Computer Programming

We tailor our software soltutions to fit your research goals. Computers make easy sorting and processing of images possible.

Conventional Miscroscopes


DM 3000

DM 4000

DM 5000

DM 6000


BX 41/45/51/61

BX 43/46/53






Automated Microscope Systems

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