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motorized 8 specimen scanning microscope


Our robust systems permit you bright field scanning for Genetics, Histopathology, Cytology, Material science. We can work with dry and immersion oil objectives.

metaphase detection motorized application

Metaphase Detection

Metaphase detection system works with color hi-resolution hi-speed cameras which give us below 4 min search time for the opened specimen area 20mmX40mm.

we compensate glass slope and thickness difference from slide to slide and can work with 1-4-8-50-100-200 specimen loaders.

karyotyping desktop application


Karyotyping is one of the most reliable and sophisticated at the same time program. It gives our clients all tools to improve collected metaphases images quality, cut unnecessary parts of the image, separate chromosomes with multiple separation methods. Our artificial intelligence software (AI) has the highest rate of automated karyotyping capabilities.

fluorescent motorized scanning microscope

FISH scanning

We recommend this product as an additional automation working together with our FISH product. This combination gives routine operations a new productive development and significantly improves FISH tests productivity. Another AI application is objects training and search in various branch applications.

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