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Human and Animal Hematology

animal human hematology blood differential tests CTC
WBC leucocytes gallery images
motorized microscope based 8 specimen CTC system
Human and animal hematology systems are similar in their structure and algorithms though request separate leukocyte groups training on multiple specimen selection. We can train customer systems on their set of specimens. Our hematology systems meet USA and European standards. Working zone(s) search and multiple objectives used  gives our systems almost 100% found leukocytes ratio and  super high resolution images for classification.  Powerful Database Support and  Data import - export operations simplify specimens information identification storage and  search.
Animal systems include RATS, DOGS, CATS, HORSES. Training corrections and another animals leukocytes groups can be train by youself on your own samples. Similar groups of animals (like cats,tigers, leopards, panthers...) can use the first trained group from the list and just rename samples after processing.

Our  technology supports the following automated functions:

-  FDA pre-defined test descriptions

- Automated adaptation to specimen variations

- Increased sensitivity to pathological morphology and atypical objects

- Implementation of previously impossible advanced test techniques with high sampling

- Advanced workspace ergonomics and absence of routine labor intensive procedures

- Dramatically (minutes versus hours) increased labor productivity

- Common technology of automation, quality control and staff teaching

- Permanent updates and improvement of both equipment and software.


Single slide semi-automated systems

Fully automated Slide Loaders

8 or 9-slides semi-automated systems

Single slide blood differential systems meet average and small budget organizations demands when system performance is not the major issue.

8 or 9-slides blood differential system is a good example of flexibility and proper time consuming routine process organization. We fully automate leucocyte collection and pre-sorting when a technician can change sorting by one button click. This way we achieve the best performance and outstanding quality of human eyes sorting. 

We recommend our customers fully automated slide loaders with capacity 50-200 slides only when they request the high  performance and over night operations. They are less effective not reliable and costly for day shift operations.

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