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tile image virtual microscope histopathology

Our histopathology product advantages versus competitors are:

 - Latest high speed technology USB 3.0 camera with 4.1 MPix resolution and up to 90 f/sec provided exceptional speed of scanning: 25 sec/specimen preliminary scanning with creation of the specimen map then 2-10 min scanning with high resolution 20X objective (higher resolution than 40X Plan objective)

 - System can be controlled over the Internet in semi-automated and fully automated mode of operations

 - 4 autofocus modes to cover thick and thin specimens

 - Focusing can be done in continuous movement which increases the speed 3-4 times versus standard  discrete method

- System can be adapted to fit  limited budget organizations as well as high productivity  large clinical laboratories.

Company  systems  have  a flexible modular architecture. It can integrate microscopes, video cameras, computers, motorization equipment, and software from great variety of manufactures.

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