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iMicroTec, Inc. is an engineering solution company in Brooklyn NY, with over  15 years of experience in development and integration of automated microscopy systems for the various bio-medical specimen and material science tests. iMicroTec motorized microscopes automate specimen loading, scanning, sample gathering, sorting, measurements,  and  objects visualization  with  conventional pre-owned and new high-quality microscopes


Our major biomedical products are:                        

- HEM 1-4-8-50-100-200  Blood Differential Test, WBC, and  RBC

- HPT histopathology and cytology  virtual slide product

- PDS parasite detection system

- SMM sperm motility and morphology

- AMS automated metaphase search, Karyo, and F.I.S.H. genetics  programs

- Metal, Size, Structure, and Morphology software for material science.


Each product was developed through collaboration with lead specialists in the particular field. Our microscope engineering products automate time-consuming routine operations and Data Collection.  Our systems combine an extremely simple and intuitive interface (GUI) and precise adherence of FDA guidelines.  Each product combines unique abilities, ease of use and adaptive features which allow it to remain unaffected by changing working conditions.


    Our 1-4-8-50-100-200 specimen systems fit from a tight to expanded customer budget.

A unique feature of our microscope engineering systems is the ability of adaptation to all test-to-test variable conditions. It can adapt to a specimen preparation quality (even stain intensity and color), self-adjust to the population of cells, compensate and setup for equipment variations and laboratories conditions and can be easily customized for each customer demands.          


    Search algorithms are the key to our system quality object recognition. They combine artificial intelligence and deterministic methods where applicable.

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